ORIGINAL 1883 Cold mfg. 45/70 cal. Gatling Gun

Original Serial #360

Original Colt Model 1883 Gatling Gun (U.S. Army)

This gun is one of only 39 Model 1883 gatling guns purchased by the U.S. Army.  It is correctly marked U.S. on the trunion (See "Gatling Gun" by Wahl & Toppel, page 117).  Guns purchased by the U.S. Army were serial numbers 342 to 381.  This outstanding original gatling gun is chambered in 45/70 and comes complete with an original RARE Accles circular feed mechanism.  The gun has ten 32" 45/70 barrels that are excellent.  The barrels are enclosed in the bronze jacket.  The jacket and the muzzle retaining plate is in excellent condition with just a few small marks from handling over the last 110 years!  The bolts are also excellent and all original.  The crank/firing mechanism works great and indexes correctly.

The extractors are strong.  The gun has the complete orignal sights along with the 2 liquid filled bubble levels.  The top level is inlayed into the top of the breach and can be seen in the pictures below.  The "Colt Gatling Gun" markings are beautifully engraved into the top of the bronze jacket near the breach.

This Colt gatling gun is mounted on an original wooden gatling gun carriage.  The carriage is in fantastic condition with the correct wheels that are very smooth in function.  All the original hardware and frame fixtures are correct as is the original hook for trailing the gun.  The only part on the fantastic piece that is a reproduction is the mounting yoke.  The yoke is an exact casting of an original and manufactured as the roiginal from Bronze.  The yoke was painstakingly copied at a cost of $5000 to the artist and is almost undetectable as a reproduction and would likely easily pass as an original.  The carrieage has the original and correct magazine / accessories boxes mounted on the transom.  The boxes are in fantastic condition.

  • This is an extremely RARE opportunity to own one of 39 ever produced original 1883 Colt 45/70 gatling guns!

  • A.S.D. Price: $155,000.00
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